Empathia Growth Performance Assessment

The SIL game has changed. Growth rates are slowing. To understand how you are performing compared to the market, simply fill out the tool below. You will be able to see your market share, your share of growth and how you performed compared to your market share. In the new SIL market, growing organisations will have exception growth performance owing to their quality products and onboarding processes.


What does it mean?

Market Share: This represents the % of the market currently serviced by your business

Share of growth: This represents the % of the total new SIL customers your business acquired last year.

Expected growth: This represents how many of the new SIL customers your business would expect to acquire based on its market share

Growth performance: This is a ratio of how many customers your business acquired, divided by your expected growth. If you expected 1 customer and acquired one customer, your ratio would be 1. Organisations that exceed one are likely attracting a disproportionate number of customers based on the quality of their product and effectiveness of their customer onboarding and marketing.


Learn how to grow in the new SIL market

Consider taking our free SIL assessment that includes these metrics and multiple others spanning operations, marketing, finance and human resources. In the new SIL market, it is only the correct combination of product, marketing, people and viability that will ensure disproportionate growth for your business.

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